Sunday, May 25, 2008

Write Your &%$!# Own!!!

Today while Blog Surfing, I came across another Blog Post that looked very familiar. And it should have - because with the exception of a few words changed here and there - it WAS mine.

Some may be flattered that someone else thought that what they wrote was good enough to copy. But I wasn't. If the Blogger had wanted to repost what I wrote, I would have gladly let them, had they just asked, and linked back to my post as the original source.

I LOVE staying home with my kids, and until my youngest is in school full-time and I join the "Working World of Writers" once again, I like to write here. The Blog pilfering is just a real kick to the head.

I also realized that I had been "Splogged", which involves advertisers grabbing content from Bloggers to fill word space for search engines. It's a Spam Blog, and I came across it in the Blogger Search Engine that had content from my site, and when I clicked on the link it it took me to an ebay seller. :P

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Mrs. Hardaker said...


That sucks ass! I wrote a comment on that blog but who knows if anyone actually reads it!

You keep on writing and keep an eye on these guys!