Thursday, May 22, 2008

Truly AssTastic Chocolate

I read this on Digg, and nearly died laughing reading the Comments, like "Do they have ones with nuts?"

The Chocolate Sellers Website proclaims "The Bisous Pure Belgian Chocolate Edible Anus is made from the finest chocolate from Belgium crafted into an eerily accurate replica of an anus."

Alrighty then.

And from happy customers on the sellers website:

'The best anus I've ever paid for. First Class Service and well packaged. Cheers ’

‘Say 'Thank You' with a box of delightful chocolate starfish.’
Bizarre Magazine

'Brilliant.............. Will make someone a lovely Christmas present !!!!!!!!!!!'

‘They’re fab – I want to get my hands on some more!’
Graham Norton - TV Presenter

Even more disturbing? The site offers a "limited edition solid silver anus"

"55 grams of hallmarked silver, cradled in a magnificent presentation box and exquisitely crafted into that most sensuous of body parts: a unique, elegant and thought-provoking gift. People come and people go. Our solid silver anus is immune from the daily wear and tear that similar products experience. A quality product immortalised in silver…for the man who has everything. Price £235 +"

I mean, I love chocolate, but no. I can't even post the picture of it on here, it's an image I just want to get out of my head.

File this under "WTF?"

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