Friday, May 30, 2008


...taking the day off....

There are no words that could describe today anyways....

Luc & Harvey... Gone in One Day....

I have had the pleasure of watching Luc Bourdon since his days with Matty on the Moncton Wildcats, and watched him guard the blue line on Team Canada Juniors, winning two Gold Medals. Hearing of his tragic death today in a motorcycle accident was a shock and I'm still having trouble believing it. The Vancouver Canucks defencemen was only 21. Here's one of my Favourite Luuuuuc moments, Owning Ovechkin:

I also found out that Harvey Korman passed away. I grew up watching The Carol Burnett Show and Mama's Family and could always count on Harvey for a great laugh. One of my favourite Harvey scenes is "The French Revolution" where he plays "Count de Monet" in one of my all time favourite movies, History of the World: Part 1.

"Don't get saucy with me, Bearnaise"

RIP Luc... Team Heaven has a new Player.

RIP Harvey... Heaven just got alot funnier.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Just as I was finishing my last post about kickass drummer Cory, Pistol Pete gives me a ring to give me the heads up. My cousin Matt, Cory's older brother, has been acquired by The Boston Bruins. The details of the deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets were reported on the Boston Website.

Congratulations Matty! Original Six! Papa would be proud!

Better than Rockband

My little, okay not so little, he's 6'2, cousin Cory rockin' a Drum Solo.

Damn he's good!!! I'd hate to face him playing Rockband.


Variety reports "The Electric Company" is coming back! I know, I know, I'm a little excited about this for an adult, but I loved this show when I was a little kid! Hopefully it will be as good as I remember it, and I'll watch it with my own munchkins.

Original Electric Company episodes ran from 1971-77 on PBS, with re-runs until '85 and starred Morgan Freeman. I wonder if he'll appear in the new one, a cameo perhaps?

Putting an adult spin on the Portmanteau words from Electric Company, I stumbled across this "Mixtionary" clip, from 2006.

They forgot "Frenemy"

From the movie "Mean Girls":

Regina: We do not have a clique problem at this school.

Gretchen: But you do have to watch out for "frenemies".

Regina: What are "frenemies"?

Gretchen: Frenemies are enemies who act like friends. We call them "frenemies".

Karen: Or "enemends".

Gretchen: Or friends who secretly hate you, we call them "fraitors".

Regina: [rolls eyes] That is so gay.

Karen: [gasps] What if we called them "mean-em-aitors"?

Regina: [scoffs]

Gretchen: No, honey, it has to have the word "friend" in it.

Karen: Oh...

We have our very own example too. When The Teenager was about 3 or 4 years old I was tucking him into bed one night, and as I leaned in, hugging him, I meant to say "Let's cuddle." But what came out of my mouth was "Lets huggle." - combining "Hug" with "Cuddle". We giggled about it, and it stuck! To this day, we "Huggle" in our house! ;)

Monday, May 26, 2008

She's Crafty Like That

Seems like we're head long into "Baby
Shower Season" again. So in the
spirit of things, here's some pictures of just one of the many different "Diaper Cakes" I make for the Momma's-to-Be.

The front of the "Cake"...

...and the back...

Everything can be used for the new babe - from the Diapers to the Rubber Duckies!!!

Monday - 80's Style

1986 y'all!

Manic Monday by The Bangles

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Write Your &%$!# Own!!!

Today while Blog Surfing, I came across another Blog Post that looked very familiar. And it should have - because with the exception of a few words changed here and there - it WAS mine.

Some may be flattered that someone else thought that what they wrote was good enough to copy. But I wasn't. If the Blogger had wanted to repost what I wrote, I would have gladly let them, had they just asked, and linked back to my post as the original source.

I LOVE staying home with my kids, and until my youngest is in school full-time and I join the "Working World of Writers" once again, I like to write here. The Blog pilfering is just a real kick to the head.

I also realized that I had been "Splogged", which involves advertisers grabbing content from Bloggers to fill word space for search engines. It's a Spam Blog, and I came across it in the Blogger Search Engine that had content from my site, and when I clicked on the link it it took me to an ebay seller. :P

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wise Words From Stroumbo

Maybe George Stroumboulopolous should be the new Director of Programming at The CBC.
Quoting George:

"Online is rapidly becoming king, not traditional TV platforms."

"Part of the reason we did this show is for the kind of people who didn't really watch TV like this before.....

(My 2 cents: pretty much that whole
younger demographic that the CBC claims
they're so eager to attract.)

He continues: they're not going to come to television - they're going to watch it however they want."

"Ten years from now, the cable channel isn't going to be nearly as important as the domain name., that's the television channel of the future. We don't worry about where people are watching us, as long as they're watching us."

Listen to Stroumbo, CBC!!!

The Internet angle is just one of the many reasons why the jPod Fan Campaign exists. Its importance is discussed alot because people ended up watching jPod online as it was switched to air in the "Friday Night Death Slot".

For the record, with the exception of Episode 11 which wasn’t aired at all by the CBC on TV and only available online, I watched every episode Traditionally. First on Tuesdays, and then on Fridays. If I happened to not be home when it was on I set my DVR to record it, and I could watch it whenever I wanted.

Times are changing though, and how people choose to get their entertainment is shifting. Today’s young people are a tech-savvy bunch, and probably spend more time on their computers than they do in front of the tube. The CBC is undervaluing their importance. How many people, say from 17-24 years of age, could actually attest that the CBC is a channel they watch very frequently? Not many I bet. My own teenager only watches it for Hockey Night In Canada, and then for jPod. This generation will feel no connection to the CBC, how can they expect them to become loyal, lifelong viewers when they feel ignored?

The CBC was popular when I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, but then, we didn’t have tonnes of other options back then fighting for our attention. And I wouldn’t consider the “nerd” factor either, computers aren’t just for geeks anymore. In fact, I’m not even in the Target Audience for the show, but I sure as hell made sure that I know my way around the computer, I can’t have my kids being able to use it better than myself.

I think the CBC is missing the boat here, they should be ecstatic that one of their shows is reaching such a highly coveted demographic, on TV, and online. Internet viewers are a BONUS! And if they were smart, they would air jPod on a more suitable night, increasing their traditional viewings. jPod at least deserved a chance, cancelling it so hastily leads me to believe that the CBC could really care less about quality of their programs and fixate themselves on outdated BBM ratings.

Chis Haddock, producer of Intelligence, pointed out the lunacy of the CBC gauging a shows popularity, especially among young viewers on the weekly BBM ratings since so many young television fans don't own their own homes and so cannot be counted, and many of them watch TV on the Internet.

"The ratings themselves have been questioned very profoundly all over the world about their accuracy and their relevance because you have to be a homeowner," Haddock points out.

"So university students don't get counted, a person who is a renter doesn't get counted, a lot of people under 30 don't get counted, so it's absurd on many, many levels. I mean do you have to buy a home to get counted in the ratings?"

Well said, Mr. Haddock.

As far as production costs for CBC shows, well I am paying for that, we all are. (The last numbers I could dig up on that were for 2002 - Canadians paid $794,058,000 for the CBC. That's for English and French radio, AM and FM, plus English and French TV and CBC North.) I could get really snotty here and bring up CBC executives staying in $800.00/ Night Hotel Rooms with Personal Butlers, but I digress.

Warner Bros. has obviously realized that jPod is worth having, as it will be available on for free, paid by embedded advertising. And NBC’s Hulu has already sold out their ad space. This is not a fad people, it’s the new reality. The CBC should embrace it or risk being left in the dust. And yes, the CBC may argue that they did promote the show sufficiently, but the problem there is that jPods' Target Audience wasn’t watching the CBC in the first place to see them.

In the end though, the biggest reason people want jPod to stay is because it is a brilliant, smart, funny show with a cast that falls in perfectly with one another, and it makes us feel proud that something so good was Made in Canada.

Saying all that, here’s a Video I made: 20 Reasons to Save jPod - (For Entertainment purposes only, all content credit acknowledged)

jPod - SAVE IT!!!

Friday Night Death Slot

jPod...definitely in good company....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Truly AssTastic Chocolate

I read this on Digg, and nearly died laughing reading the Comments, like "Do they have ones with nuts?"

The Chocolate Sellers Website proclaims "The Bisous Pure Belgian Chocolate Edible Anus is made from the finest chocolate from Belgium crafted into an eerily accurate replica of an anus."

Alrighty then.

And from happy customers on the sellers website:

'The best anus I've ever paid for. First Class Service and well packaged. Cheers ’

‘Say 'Thank You' with a box of delightful chocolate starfish.’
Bizarre Magazine

'Brilliant.............. Will make someone a lovely Christmas present !!!!!!!!!!!'

‘They’re fab – I want to get my hands on some more!’
Graham Norton - TV Presenter

Even more disturbing? The site offers a "limited edition solid silver anus"

"55 grams of hallmarked silver, cradled in a magnificent presentation box and exquisitely crafted into that most sensuous of body parts: a unique, elegant and thought-provoking gift. People come and people go. Our solid silver anus is immune from the daily wear and tear that similar products experience. A quality product immortalised in silver…for the man who has everything. Price £235 +"

I mean, I love chocolate, but no. I can't even post the picture of it on here, it's an image I just want to get out of my head.

File this under "WTF?"

read more digg story

Oh Look! I've Won a Million Euros!

The e-mail greeted me this morning:

Mr Rumford Nigel John (
You may not know this sender.
Sent:May 22, 2008 12:18:40 AM


43 North End Road,
West Kensington,
London W14 8SZ

You have been approved to claim of total sum of 1,000,000.00 euros(one million euro).

Which your email address won in the 2008 Euro ballot held in london,All participants were selected through a computer ballot system draw from Microsoft users from over 20,000.00 companies and 3,000,000.00 individual email addresses and names from all over the world.You have just won yourself the sum of ONE MILLION EURO in thesatellite software email lottery.


CONTACT NAME:JEFFREY RICE CITY/ COUNTRY: LONDON, ENGLAND.EMAIL:powerball1238@live.comTELEPHONE:+4470 1112 1986+4470 3194 2847

President.Mr Rumford Nigel John

From the President? OMG it must be true then! It wasn't even in my Junk Mail!

Have the Nigerians finally received all those inheritances from dead rich uncles that they can now afford to give all their $$$ away in a Lottery?

Did you win too? For those of you who aren't hip to proper grammar, you might want to click that link first. Also notice in the above E-mail, the "To:" field is left blank. That will be your first hint that it's an en masse message to thousands, not just you. I also couldn't help but giggle a bit for their penchant forrunning twowords together.

As for me, I'll be sending my E-mail here. Every person that does helps innocent people from being scammed any further. While I am able to spot a scam from a million electrons away, many are still not aware of this sort of "Lottery Phishing" scheme and it's good to get the message out.

Too bad... I really could have used a Million Euros... :P

BNL'S Performance of "If I Had A Million Dollars"
1996 T In The Park Festival, Scotland.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pod People

I'm doing the Loyal Fan thing and "Posting for the 'Pod" in an effort to try and convince the CBC to reconsider their decision to cancel this awesome show. Here's some pics I made with my own personal mini Podster. The Postcard, along with others, can be found here.

Not the Leafs...but we know who did. Nice try though, CBC.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

He's Back!

But the cat came back, the very next day,
The cat came back, they thought he was a goner,
But the cat came back, just wouldn't stay away.

~Chorus, The Cat Came Back

Quite the excitement over the last couple of days here! Thursday night approximately a minute into CSI Las Vegas, we heard a knock at the door. A boy about 12 years old saw our "Missing Cat" poster and was positive he had just spotted him! The Dude rushed out as I literally threw the Pet Taxi Carrier at him. He returned about 2 minutes later and was certain it was him, but the cat was in a space between the garage and the townhouses and I should grab the bag of food for him to use in an attempt to coax him out.

The Punk hurried out after The Dude and he and the boy who caught sight of him (and who was deservedly rewarded with $$$ afterwards - I would have given that kid a million bucks if I could have!) ended up having to crawl through the long, dark, spider-filled space to reach him and our son was able to scoop him up!

I waited and paced for what seemed like an eternity with Shark Boy and Chaos literally bouncing off the walls and pressing their little faces up against the window in anticipation that it could truly be him.

Then I caught site of The Dude, coming up the walkway holding our beloved cat in his arms. We rushed him to his food bowl away from the kids so we could check him out. I was shaking and crying, suspended in disbelief that after almost two months we finally had him back home with us!

He attacked the food bowl fiercely while I looked him over through my tears. Other than being able to tell he had obviously lost some weight while he was off on his adventure, and his usual shiny coat being fairly dirty, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with him. It was, for us, a miracle.

He finally came up for some air after inhaling most of the bowl and immediately plastered me with "kisses". Then I really lost it. He was all over me in what people would call PDA. Yes, his Public Display of Affection was obvious - he was happy to see me!

The boys jostled for "petting" position and he was all over them, their faces beaming with joy that their kitty was home. The dog got so excited she peed on the carpet. Her best bud was back.

I asked the boys to give him some space and within minutes he had taken a quick trip around the place, got goobered on by the dog, and then settled into his favourite spot - the bathtub. He didn't even seem to be bothered that there was another cat in the house. A little bit later he was sprawled out on The Teenager's bed, like he hadn't been gone at all.

The next day he checked out, healthy and happy and with no apparent injuries or ailments. Quite remarkable really, especially considering the weather had been almost entirely nasty while he was on the lam.

So he's been chilling out, eating up a storm, and is even playing with his new mate. Shark Boy said it best moments after he was brought home, we are a very, very lucky family!

I've had that chorus to "The Cat Came Back" floating around my head for the past couple of days now, so here is the famous 1980 Muppets version:

I gotta say though, for the first time I read all the lyrics and to tell the truth, they're a little disturbing. Ah well, I'm just over the moon that our cat is back, safe at home with all of us who missed him more than ever.

I asked him where he had been, but so far he's not givin' it up. ;)

Within a couple of hours of being home, and settled right back in...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pretty Boys Don't Do Coke

Reported from Rapper Lil Wayne has decided to give up cocaine because the drug was ruining his skin. Instead, he's going to stick to marijuana. Wayne shared his drug habits with Blender Magazine. He said, "I don't do too many (drugs). I just smoke weed and drink. But I'll never f**k with no more coke. It's not about the bad high, it's just about the acne: Cocaine makes your face break out. I'm a pretty boy."

This comes as the rapper faces a trial for drug possession. According to a DEA

spokesperson, Wayne's tour bus was stopped on January 22nd. During a search of the bus the border patrol and police canines found drugs, over $22,000 in cash and three firearms. One of the guns, a .40-caliber pistol, was registered to Wayne in Florida. He could face gun charges if he violated any weapons laws in Arizona. The other two weapons were legally registered to members of Wayne's camp. The authorities also discovered 105 grams of marijuana, 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy and various drug paraphernalia. Wayne was charged with possession of cocaine, ecstasy and drug paraphernalia because the drugs were allegedly found in a bag that belonged to him. His associates were brought in for the marijuana. The arrest is the most recent in a string of legal problems Lil Wayne has faced in the last six months. In July, the rapper was arrested on gun-possession charges just a few hours after his first major performance in New York. Three months later, he missed a scheduled concert after being arrested and jailed in Boise, Idaho, on a felony fugitive charge, which Wayne's lawyer blamed on a paperwork mix-up.

Well Lil Wayne, you may end up in jail, but the other inmates will think your complexion looks awesome!

So Long, Farewell, Auf weidersehen, Good-bye

...Regretfully they (Me) tell us (Television Networks)... cook-coo
But firmly they compell us (The Viewers) cook-coo
To say goodbye cook-coo...
To youuuuuuu (Television Networks)...

So long farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight (Series Television)

So long farewell, auf weidersehen adieu
Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you (FOX, NBC, CBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, etc.)

So long farewell, auf weidersehen goodnight
I leave and heave a sigh and say good bye - goodbyyyyyyeeeee!

I'm glad... to go.... I cannot tell a lie

I fleet, I float, I fleetly flee I fly...

The sun... has gone... to bed and so must I...

So long...farewell...auf weidersehen goodbye...

~With Apologies to The Sound of Music.

Dear Television Networks,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will no longer be in need of your services. I am withdrawing my Life Long Membership as your constant deletion of products has left me feeling angry, upset, sad and frustrated. As well, your product lines over the past few years has mostly failed to impress me and offer me anything that is truly worth my time. I've been emotionally invested, and I just can't take it anymore!

Your misguided attempt to appeal to the masses with "Reality" driven content defeats my need for scripted escapism. Your justification for yanking the few brilliant products I fall in love with has prompted me to come to the conclusion that my loyalty throughout the years is just not important to you. While begging and pleading with you in regards to extending a products' run sometimes, but rarely, works, I've made the decision to give up all together and not get involved to begin with.

In the aftermath, I have found something else from a company called Cyberspace that offers me anything I choose. The possibilities are endless and after I use it I don't feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest and stomped on.

I broke a rule that I had been enforcing after feeling like this before, that I wasn't going to give anything new you offered a chance. How foolish of me. I should have known better and wound up getting burnt. Again. Adding insult to injury, your penchant for delivering all the necessary pieces except for the last one, (commonly referred to as the "Cliffhanger") is nothing short of cruel.

I mean it this time though. I will finish off the remainder of my already invested in product lines, (aptly called a "Finale") but when they are gone, so will I be.

I know my absence more than likely means nothing to you, as every year you have a whole new generation of consumers lining up to buy into your offerings. And that is fine with me, if they want sub-standard mindlessness and can deal with your uncaring executive decisions, then they can have you.

While I will always have fond memories, it is time for me to make the final break, cut my losses, and move on.

So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, good-bye,


(Loyal Fan of Firefly, jPod, Sports Night, Keen Eddie, Boomtown, Harsh Realm, Arrested Development, The Tournament, Once and Again, Surface, Lovespring International, Dark Angel, Action!, Undeclared, American Dreams, Millennium, New Amsterdam, and Joan of Arcadia)

"May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one."
Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds in "Firefly"

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Welcome Addition, & Tre Smith is a Hero (Again)

I've been pretty bummed out about our missing cat Chunkers. We have done everything we can to find him, exhausted every avenue. While I still pray everyday that he gets home to us, that probability dwindles with every passing day.

Sensing my sadness, The Dude sent me here for my Mother's Day Gift. His intent is not to replace our missing cat, as he could never be replaced, but he knows how I think - that it just doesn't feel right not having a kitty in the house. Not only that, it plain feels good to help a wonderful Cause. It's also where we got Chunkers from almost 3 years ago.

So off I went, sans kids (another gift - a break!) and after awhile this little cutie caught my eye.

The rogue orange paw sticking out from the cage beckoned me over. I saw her and immediately knew she was the one. Approximately 10 - 12 months old and quite the "talker", the volunteer said of her, "She's a spicy girl!"

"Perfect." I replied. "She's going to fit right in then!"

And she is. The dog isn't even freaking her out. In fact, by the end of last night she was licking our English Bulldogs' ears and face.

The kids and I have been bantering about some names, but so far we haven't been able to decide. In the meantime, she is settling in quite wonderfully - I got the impression by the way she sprawled across the sofa.

I felt even happier today after reading this from the THS:

"So far, and we are keeping our fingers crossed, the Adopt-A-Thon is a huge success with 8 dogs, 2 mice, 3 Guinea pigs, 2 hamsters, and 34 cats finding good new homes at the shelter. An additional 4 cats, 1 kitten, and 1 puppy found homes at the new Victoria Park Adoption Centre."

The Breaking News prompts me to pass their message on to you:

"Hundreds remain.... Please come down yourself or ask a relative, friend, or neighbour if they are able to take a homeless animal into their family. The Adopt-A-Thon will continue until May 19, 2008."

Support the Toronto Humane Society, not only will you provide a home for an animal, you'll help support all the good they do. Like Cruelty Investigator Tre Smith risking his own safety as he rescues a dog from a third floor window. Tre recounts the events:

"I received a call about a dog hanging out a third floor window. I arrived and no one was home, the dog was looking to jump… I canvassed the area for a ladder and a neighbour gave me one. I climbed up, stretched out, pulled the dog to safety, then carried it to my vehicle. An hour later a very thankful owner came to claim her dog. She informed me that he got out of his crate climbed over his gate from the kitchen went upstairs and opened the window where I found him."

Tre Smith in action.

So go on down to the THS. I'm so happy I went, took a closer look at that little orange paw calling me over to her cage, and brought home the newest member of our family.

Hopefully, Chunkers will be home soon to meet her.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Naughty List

So, the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo has made sure they're getting a big ol' lump of coal from Santa next Christmas.

Just in time for Mother's Day, it was reported in the Toronto Sun that the zoo has started killing male baby Reindeer to "manage the herd". Two years ago, zoo executives gave approval in principle to the euthanizing of male reindeer, and for the first time in the zoo's history newborn calves were euthanized, the first shortly after his birth on April 8th. and the second on April 22nd. Both boys were perfectly healthy.

"Euthanized due to being male," says the keepers' report. The keepers were so upset they left as the vets moved into the reindeer enclosure and refused to take part. "This is wrong," they told the vets, who were also upset by the decision. Three female babies have been spared. Says one staffer: "This bothers me more than anything I've ever experienced here. Many of us feel these are not our animals and not management's animals, but belong to the city, to the people of Toronto. And they should know what's happening." Says another: "I'm sick to my stomach. This is the beginning of a road we don't want to go down."

Maria Franke, Curator of Mammals, says the decision to euthanize male reindeer calves was made by something called the Animal Care, Research and Acquisition Committee. "It was a gruelling process, we do not take this lightly. There is science behind it."

Science killed the Baby Reindeer?

"I know some keepers are upset. I know it's a sensitive subject." says Franke. Well, killing perfectly healthy baby animals has a tendency to do that, Maria.

When asked why breed the reindeers if half are doomed? Franke replied, "If we did not, we would end up with no reindeer, we aren't just an entertainment facility. We're a conservation facility and our goal is to manage genetically viable populations of animals. Sounds a little Brave New World-ish to me.

People are mad, as evident from the Interactive Talk Back to the Sun for readers to write to the daily about what they think about the zoo's newly implemented practice. Here's just a few:

Lori Turner of Mississauga - "I am certain that the zoo's mission statement does not include the murder of their new babies, of any species. This goes against everything that a zoo stands for, including preservation. As evidenced by the outpouring of anger, there WERE other options for these babies. Neuter the males.. and we'll deal with the spectre of stunted antlers. The zoo should be ashamed of themselves. The eyes of the world will be watching to see the outcome of this story."

Wanetta Doucette-Goodman of Scarborough - "I am absolutely disgusted that the Toronto Zoo would do such a thing as euthanize these precious babies without trying to find alternate homes for them once they were of age to live away from their mother. How very sad to think that those two mothers cried and pained for the beautiful babies that they carried in their wombs and prepared to nurse once born. SHAME ON YOU. SHAME. I will NEVER go back to the Zoo as long as such a practice continues. Those people responsible for such a selfish decision should be ASHAMED!!!!! There are ALWAYS alternatives to MURDER! Which is EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID TO THESE INNOCENT BABIES!!!"

This story has just broke, and I'm sure there is going to be much more of the same sentiment and outrage conveyed over the coming days. More than likely, we'll also hear from PETA

Two Ontario farmers, Phyllis Mathison and Tony Porter, have come forward to accept a possible male calf as another reindeer is due to give birth any day now. Upset by the euthanization of the two healthy baby bulls, Mathison and Porter wonder why officials didn't offer them to another zoo, seek foster human parents or sell them.

Porter, who uses his reindeer while playing Santa in Christmas parades and has a dozen reindeer, a camel, a zebra, a kangaroo and other critters on the farm he and his wife own near Shelburne, said yesterday that by killing males, the zoo risks having no animals for breeding. Mathison added that if another male reindeer is born at the Toronto Zoo, "I'm willing to take them in my home to look after, even if it means getting up very two hours for feeding... It's better than having them put down."

While Toronto Zoo staff and veterinarians assigned to the culling were angry, officials stated male reindeer are hard to sell and have health issues. Porter insists that is not so. "There are some impediments selling bulls, but it's not disease," adding zoo bosses are wrong when they say keeping a castrated male affects antler growth. "By killing males, the zoo risks having no animals for breeding. They're not an easy animal to raise ... calves have fairly high mortality rates."

Reindeer have been domesticated for centuries and "the option of releasing them in the wild would only doom them," said Porter, who's been in touch with private reindeer owners across Canada and the U.S. "I could have placed those two babies immediately. I don't need any more bulls, but I'd have taken them in."

Zoo board member Mike Del Grande, a city councillor, said he doesn't get involved in daily decisions but will ask why officials decided to destroy unwanted male calves and did not issue statements addressing public concerns. "Were other options explored?" he said. Is this ironic? Have heads started to roll already?

It will be interesting to see the drama unfold if this new calf that is poised to make it's debut very soon is a wee boy, and if the zoo will in fact murder, or, sorry, 'euthanize' it if it's a male calf.

I'm waiting for the Press Release from here, and for the lack of a more appropriate way to put it, Santa Claus is going to be really pissed!

UPDATE: The fate of a baby boy reindeer, who was born late Sunday night, will be decided at an emergency meeting of zoo officials within days.
"We are once again looking at the options," Robin Hale, acting CEO at the Toronto Zoo, said.

The City Councillor for Scarborough Centre, Michael Thompson, is on the board of the Toronto Zoo and is rooting for little Rudolph. He is not surprised by the outpouring of sympathy from the public, and "If there are people out there who are willing to take care of these animals, I don't think that we should be looking at any other options,"

Councillor Raymond Cho, chairman of the Toronto Zoo board, admitted the policy is upsetting but is confident the zoo is acting in the reindeer's best interests.

~Thanks to Strobel & The Toronto Sun for all the 411.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The FCB, and a Lazy Sunday...

My article on Friends of Canadian Broadcasting is here. It's funny, no line break in the title suggests the Recommendations are being ignored by me.

And just because it's Sunday, and I can never watch this enough...

I love the Chronic! - les of Narnia...