Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lego My jPod... & OMG! The WB!

Fans of jPod are organizing the Event "Post for the 'Pod", sending Lego People in honour of Author Douglas Coupland and the book cover, to The CBC hoping to revive the show. It's even caught the attention of the folks here and here.

It was also announced that Warner Bros. has acquired jPod Season 1 for their new site A premium, ad-supported, video-on-demand, interactive and personalized network that will Beta launch in early May, "aims to be the premiere destination for original dramatic programming on the Internet. The site is aimed at the Adults 16–34 demographic highly coveted by advertisers." You know, the demographic The CBC seems intent on ignoring.

Anyone know where I can download some Tommy Hunter? Don't get me wrong, I loved Tommy - when I was 10 and had nowhere to go back on a Friday Night in the 80's. Hey CBC, it's 2008, wake up and smell the New Millennium.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Beautiful Guy" Trumps Irish Lass

I wasn't particularly into The Tube tonight. I had the DVR set to record Criminal Minds, but only if it was a new episode. (The DVR has a handy little feature that lets you choose a show, and only record the new ones so it doesn't have a bunch of reruns using up space. Brilliant! The Fast Forward Button is a gift from the Techno Gods. Remember when you used to have to watch the commercials? *shudder*)

The Dude heads off to bed, relinquishing the Remote, (or "The Mote", as Chaos calls it.) and I start flipping. Not looking for anything specific ...Big Brother ...Big Brother ...Big Brother, great, now I was sad because I feel the show is everything that is wrong with the world, when I come across American Idol. It's right at the moment they are announcing who's getting the boot. I hadn't watched the previous nights' competition, but listened to it while I kept busy today. (Thanks, DVR) I'm not a crazy fan of the show, only really keeping tabs on it over the years when a Top 10 contestant really impressed me. This season David Cook blew me away with his cover of Eleanor Rigby. And believe it or not, Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.

David Cook puts a new spin on Billie Jean.

Simon Cowell states if the show remains a talent competion rather than a popularity competition Cook could actually win the entire show. We shall see.

Cripes! Thank You Auto Save, I was the one who just got booted. I did what most people do when that happens, and flashed my best "Deer in the Headlights" look with the realization that everything I had just written has been lost. It's all here though, so back to it.

Contestant Jason Castro is okay, but not Top 10 okay. I'm not even going to post the video here because he skewered an Andrew Lloyd Webber song, and basically every song he sings sounds the same. Carly Smithson, on the other hand, can belt it out pretty good.

Idol Star sings Jesus Christ Superstar

Now this is where it's a good thing that I'm not really invested in the show, I like hearing a great song, but the competition is laughable really. Simon is right pointing out popularity vs. talent. Carly Smithson was voted off tonight, and Jason Castro wasn't even in the bottom two. Why? I'll tell you why. Jason Castro is getting the Teenage Girl vote. Yep, they think he's a cutie and when they catch a glimpse of that baby face surrounded by dreadlocks, they swoon, whip out their cells and punch his numbers in. The same girls that love High School Musical (which I have never watched by the way - I just couldn't bring myself to do it) are disregarding talent in favour of a "Beautiful Guy", what Randy Jackson called Castro after he couldn't find anything nice to say about his performance. I would have enjoyed it more if Jackson had just come right out and said "Yo Dawg, no worries Dawg, you suck lemons compared to everyone else here, but the girls love you, so I'll see ya next week!"

It was painful to watch, and right after I had to listen to some Jennifer Hudson to remind myself that Carly's gonna be just fine. And I'm sure Justin Guarini will be available to console Jason Castro when he is finally sent sent packing.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time is Flying

Seventeen years ago today I became a Mom for the first time. The Teenager is amazing, and this time next year he'll be getting into any University he wants. P'shaw to all those who say young moms can't be successful, if anything, I worked even harder to make sure he had everything he needed. It wasn't always easy, but I couldn't be prouder of the young Man he has become.

I nearly cried the other day when I learned that he used his saved money to buy 2 tickets to this Saturdays Raptors NBA Playoff game, to take his 11 year old brother. Awesome.

Brothers, days gone by.....

Monday, April 21, 2008


The Nominations for the 2008 Leo Awards were announced today and jPod leads the pack with 15! Established in 1998, the Leo Awards celebrate excellence in British Columbia film and television. The 10th Anniversary Leo Awards Celebration and Gala Awards Ceremonies take place May 23 and 24 at the Westin Bayshore Vancouver.

I wonder, will the CBC even acknowledge this accomplishment?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who Knew?

I was pleasantly surprised while watching I'm Reed Fish this evening to see Schuyler Fisk from Orange County, one of my favourite movies. Even more surprising though, is that this girl can really sing!

"From Where I'm Standing"

Oh yeah, I really enjoyed the movie too!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

So Not Trailer Trash

Reading this prompted me to reply:

I have become most disenchanted with American Television and I was very proud that such a brilliant show like jPod was Made in Canada.

Considering jPods' younger demographic, alot of people watched it online. The biggest reason being it was aired on Friday Nights when people certainly were not staying in and watching television. People are also busier than they have ever been and are watching TV on Demand at their own convenience on DVR's and it is fast becoming the norm. The Traditional Ratings System is ancient in today's tech-savvy world and online viewings should be counted.

jPod is one of the first shows in Canadian TV that I can remember that has launched a Fan Campaign to save a show. Unfortunately the CBC is covering their ears to the pleas of fans to bring it back for next season. Even Seinfeld barely survived its freshman year and needed a little time to gain its audience. If you combine jPods' television viewers and their online viewers, it is surely pulling in as many people as Heartland, probably more even. I dismiss the CBC's argument that there is no business case regarding revenue made through web casts. Fans don't mind embedded advertising, we understand it is necessity. NBC's site "Hulu" just sold out their entire online ad space, and they offer their shows for free.

If given the option to watch exceptional Canadian productions over most American drivel, I think you would see a "If you broadcast it, we will watch it" attitude take place. Have confidence in Canadians and don't just assume that we are all "Big Brother" and "The Hills" watching sheep. In regards to the CBC, I think all of their content should be Canadian, after all, it is the "Canadian Broadcasting Corporation". People can watch Coronation Street on BBC Canada.

You would think the CBC would have more "Intelligence". I grew up watching The Beachcombers, The King of Kensington, Bizarre and Second City, and it makes me sad that my own kids are not getting the same uniquely Canadian influence. My teenager has boycotted the CBC for ignoring him and his generation, we get Leafs TV and don't need HNIC. We feel forgotten and unless more people like Robb Wells and the Canadian Tax Payers who fund the CBC to the tune of $950 Million a year, stand up and let it be known that we want more Canadian Content. As it stands, the future of Canadian Television is on Life Support.



I know alot of what I have written about jPod is repeated in the above, but I just can't seem to help myself. What started out as just me being upset over the shows' cancellation by the CBC, has apparently evolved into an awakening of the deeper workings of Media in Canada. Maybe it's because I was a part of the 80's Generation, the first to ever receive the spoils of a prosperous, modern society. Footloose and Fancy-Free we were, watching the best Saturday Morning line-ups, ever, on Colour TVs. We drank in every commercial that beckoned to us. And when we begged our parents to buy us all that crap, they actually did. No one flinched twice while we professed our love to one of the guys from Degrassi, or that we would perform our own Bob and Doug Mackenzie "Great White North" skits in the schoolyard at recess.

One of the highlights of my young life was when my friends' uncle(?) came to our school - with the Littlest Hobo Huskies. About 5 different dogs played Hobo, and I was so excited - I couldn't believe I was actually seeing the Littlest Hobo! You can't deny it, TV had that kind of effect on us, it means something to us - I am a product of my environment. When the escape to the Tube is a wonderful experience, we embrace it. We look forward to seeing the familiar cast of characters, and when they are dismissed by executives, we miss them. It's not cheesy, it's human.

I hadn't noticed that compared to when I was a kid, the amount of Canadian Content that I regularly watched had dwindled to almost non-existent. It's been so long since anything on the CBC was worth my while. Yes, I watch it for my man Don Cherry, and The Rick Mercer Report, but they're not a Series. The first CBC show I watched regularly since probably The Edison Twins was The Tournament, and that was cancelled too.

I didn't mean it, honestly. Somewhere around the age of 15 the CBC failed to offer me anything meaningful. Maybe that's why jPod's cancellation is stinging me more. Unless you're a kid watching The Doodlebops, or Auntie Martha watching Heartland, there is nothing. Nothing for us who grew up loving the weekly sitcom and drama. And please, I don't want to hear the argument of Sophie and MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives. Stick each of those shows in American settings and they will blend right in.

So this is me waking up. Waking up to the fact that my own Teenager does not watch one Canadian show. Waking up to the fact that if things don't change now, Canadian TV will be ultimately lost, drowning in a Sea Of American Fluff. Don't get me wrong, I tune into a few, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, face it, you can't go wrong with Joe Mantegna and Anthony La Paglia, but for the most part I could live without programming from south of the border. I tend to not get too attached to American television, after Joss Whedon's Firefly was cancelled I lost faith in networks, they are all about ratings, quality be damned. Was I crazy to believe that the CBC should be different than FOX?

I'm busy, immersed in the lives of my kids and husband. "Me Time" is rare and I am thankful that I can escape the whirlwind of my days to a really great show. My DVR records them so I can watch whenever it is convenient for me. We can't ignore that Entertainment is an important part of our lives and who we are. And if mostly everything we watch is not Made in Canada, then, just who are we? Really.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Today is the first day that I felt that it's Finally over!!!

Missing the Boat

"The Internet is not a medium that pays for the kind of production values people expect on TV. Until the reality catches up with what people watch on line, it's difficult to justify."

-Kirstine Layfield, from the generic stock letter sent out to jPod Fans.

It’s interesting that in the same week Kirstine Layfield claims there “still isn’t the business case” for online broadcasting (Globe and Mail Apr 14 2008), we hear that NBC’s online video service Hulu has just sold out their entire ad inventory (Wired Apr 9 2008). Everything is made available for free because of the embedded sponsored advertisements. Why wouldn’t that work for jPod and the CBC's Web Casts? After all, jPod’s online viewers are a distinctively young, highly desirable demographic! Add this together with jPods' Traditional television viewers and it's a win-win situation.

In February 2008, the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage (a committee comprised of various MPs) produced a report entitled CBC/Radio-Canada: Defining distinctiveness in the changing media landscape. The purpose of the report was to study the future role of public broadcasting, and to present the Committee’s findings and recommendations. All of the below statements, taken directly from the report, play straight into jPod’s strengths. From the Committee’s report:

“[CBC] must constantly keep up with new technologies and reach out to audiences where they are, including young people who seek content on the Internet.” (p.5)

“We are asking CBC/Radio-Canada to be original, of high quality and innovative” (p.9)

“Mandate of the CBC/Radio-Canada as stipulated In the Broadcasting Act (1991, c. 11, B-9.01, [Assented to February 1, 1991)(i) be predominantly and distinctively Canadian […]” (p 18)

“[…]CBC should make large increases to arts and cultural programming, for example, by producing more contemporary Canadian dramas, historical documentaries, and TV movies.” (p.34)

“Dwindling audience share is not unique to public broadcasting, and audience measurement will need to adapt alongside the transition to digital media. Internet broadcasting, downloading and streaming content, PVRs and on-demand and pay services mean that the same film, television episode or news broadcast will be seen by many more viewers than those who tune in for ”appointment television”.” (p55)

“CBC/Radio-Canada’s online presence will be fundamental to its relevance to Canadian audiences in the future.” (p57)

The CBC must shift their thinking away from how many viewers they can capture – the commercial model of audience maximization – to how well they can build a relationship with a smaller but attentive audience. Program quality will have to be evaluated by the strength of the relationship with viewers, and by the depth of loyalty.

By ignoring this newer Tech-Savvy Generation, The CBC will never survive. For it is they who are the future and are sure not to forget Kirstine Layfields' and the CBC's brush off and staunch refusal to give jPod the proper Time to develop it's audience by cancelling it so hastily. Especially in light of the fact that it was aired on Fridays Nights when jPods' largest Target Audience is usually not at home watching television, thus leading them to watch it online.

The Report said it best: "CBC/Radio-Canada’s online presence will be fundamental to its relevance to Canadian audiences in the future.”

Just a little taste of why I love the show...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ignoring the Interweb

I finally got an e-mail back from the CBC regarding jPods' cancellation. Further proof that Kirstine Layfield is a Tool. It's Generic, others are receiving the exact same letter. She even quotes herself from the Globe Article.

Thankfully, the folks over at Save jPod call her on it. Her arguement basically dismissing the value of Online Viewership has me wondering how she got the job as Director of Programming at The CBC in the first place.

Dear _____,

Thank you for your email of March 28 regarding our decision not to renew jPod for another season. I appreciate the time you have taken to write.

It is clear that you strongly support this program. And I agree with you. It was an excellent program, well scripted and well acted. All of us had great hopes that the program would find the audience it deserved on CBC Television.

Unfortunately, not enough television viewers shared our opinion. Throughout its season, jPod attracted a devoted, but very small following. And while it is true that, for a public broadcaster, audience size is not everything, you also cannot be a public broadcaster without a public. If too few Canadians are watching, we are irrelevant. And, if we are irrelevant, Canadians are right to ask why they are investing the money they do in CBC Television. In addition, the Internet is not a medium that pays for the kind of production values people expect on TV. Until the reality catches up with what people watch on line, it's difficult to justify.

More importantly, we believe we should and can produce on a regular basis quality Canadian programming that people watch in significant numbers. Audience size has an impact on CBC Television's commercial revenue in two directions: when we lose ground in viewership, we lose the means to produce or obtain excellent programs. In those situations we are forced to cut back our activity, and sometimes even cancel shows. If, however, we are able to build our audience numbers, the extra revenue goes right back onto the screen as more great Canadian programming.

I can appreciate your disappointment at losing this program. It was a difficult decision, and one made only after a great deal of consideration. Looking forward, we have what I believe are some very exciting new programs coming up on CBC Television in the next few months. I hope you will tell me what you think of them.

Again, thank you for taking the time to make me aware of your opinion.


Kirstine Layfield
Executive DirectorNetwork ProgrammingCBC Television
Box 500, Station AToronto, ON M5W 1E6
416-205-3121 phone
416-205-6919 fax

"the Internet is not a medium that pays for the kind of production values people expect on TV. Until the reality catches up with what people watch on line, you can't justify it."

WTF? What year does she think this is?

Half Baked

So Health Canada, continuing their foray into Medical Marijuana, in an article from the CP today has said it "plans to eventually end its licensing of home-grown weed. That would force all medical users to buy their supplies directly from Ottawa, perhaps through pharmacy distribution."

Pharmacy Distribution? Might as well put a big neon sign up in drugstores that says "ROB ME!" Hahahahaha.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Why Kirstine Layfield Can Kiss My Canadian A$$

Yeah, I said it.

Kirstine Layfield, shame on her for ignoring the pleas of Fans to renew jPod!!! Why does the CBC even offer episodes online if those numbers aren't being taken into consideration?

"It's a fan base that is not just a TV fan base; it's a Coupland fan base," said Kirstine Layfield, CBC-TVs executive director of network programming, in an article from the Globe and Mail, noting that she has received lots of mail pointing out the show is particularly popular with online viewers who may not be showing up in the ratings.

Kirstine Layfield is making a HUGE mistake when she states "There still isn't the business case there. Right now the Internet is not a medium that pays for the kind of production values people expect on TV. ... Until the reality catches up with what people watch on line, you can't justify it."

Well, jPod is not just a Coupland Fanbase, it's a younger, more Tech-Savvy Fan Base! It's also being watched online internationally - how many other new Canadian productions can say that?

If the CBC does not take the fact that busy people are watching TV on demand, either online or recording it on their DVRs, they will be left in the dust! The CBC should be proud that they offered a show that brought in a Younger Demographic, not a small feat for a Canadian show. They should be embracing the fact that they garnered a Loyal Following for a show, regardless how people are watching it.

The CBC - Alienating a Whole Generation. We will not forget it!!! 10 years from now you can look back and know it was Kirstine Layfield et al who destroyed any chance of surviving the competition - how's that for "Reality"? Why should the CBC play catch up when they could be the first to acknowledge that online viewing is viable? Fans have already stated that watching commercials during web casts does not bother them, we understand its importance in regards to supporting production! And of course so many were watching jPod online, because it was aired on Friday Nights when probably 95% of jPod's Target Audience is not at home.

Give jPod another chance! Even Seinfeld barely survived its first season. I think what it comes down to is that Kirstine Layfield will NEVER ADMIT that she made a mistake cancelling jPod so hastily. She is not in touch with Real Canadians, she does not speak for me and I am offended that she continues to brush the Save jPod Campaign off as nothing more than a nuisance, clogging up her e-mail inbox.

Fan-Made Save jPod! Video.

I bet our outrage continues to be ignored though, and Hubert Lacroix never even sees any of the thousands of letters and e-mails being sent to the CBC by Fans, or the Comments Section on the CBC's own Website regarding the new shows for next season and what people really think of the future of the CBC!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

I just read these are what's being slated for next year on the CBC instead of jPod. How sad.

I think the CBC can hear the Fat Lady singing now....

Outside the CBC Building in Toronto. - Pics courtesy of Monica Pacheco

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yellow Brick Road

Simply Brilliant. I feel like this was written just for me.

Raine Maida of OLP hits the streets of Toronto to raise $30,000 to build a school in the Congo, the Yellow Brick Road video is a documentary of the day.

I remember the days when we talked for hours
And we were young; we thought we had superpowers
We kissed the sky, expanded our minds, thought we could fly
We were dreamers, and we'd never die
We were young punks but we showed potential
Us against the world, we weren't sentimental
We weren't our problems, our age or our paychecks
And we weren't taking anybody's shit

If I knew now what I knew then,
I'd Back up do it all again,
I'd Take a bow, take it real slow
Take a ride down the yellow brick road....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Insomnia... & Tim Meadows is High-larious.

I can't sleep, I think Sunday Night is the hardest for me. Probably because my mind's trying to go over and retain all the crap I gotta do during the week. Spring is finally showing up, damnit! 'Tis time to get my Hibernating Ass in gear! This has honestly been one of the longest, THE LONGEST! soul-sucking Winters' of my life. I'm still being teased a little though and it's excruciating. The Sun says, "Hey, come on outside and play." but after about 10 minutes I'm thinking to myself "Fooled. It's still freakin' chilly."

Anyways, a special thing happened tonight and a new movie scene made it into my List of Favourites. My own little personal "Hall of Fame", if you will. One day I'll get around to compiling the List from it's current status of in my head, to paper, and then to this here interweb.

Warning: Marijuana use is shown and discussed, but I in no way condone its use. This just happens to be one of the most hilarious scenes I've ever watched and it just happens to have Cannabis in it. In the end, funny is funny to me, regardless of the topic. And I can't help it, call it a flaw if you will, but I am admitting right now that "Stoner Movies" make me laugh.(Awkward pause....) Just talking about it makes me more excited that this is almost here. But I digress, and without any further adieu, Tim Meadows at his absolute very best ever. (Yes, I said Tim Meadows...weird eh....he hasn't been on his game since his days at SNL.)

I cant wait for Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story on DVD. It's the little things in life like that, which makes each day a little easier to handle. I think I would just pass out from excitement if I actually got to see a movie in an actual theatre anytime soon. (Hint to The Dude.) Really though, I don't mind catching the latest flick from my living room. For every time I consider getting a babysitter I remember that part from The Simpson's where Bart cuts the Babysitter's hair, and how it's not out of the realm of possibilities to imagine some similar shenanegans would occur on some poor, unsuspecting College girl here. I'd maybe ask The Teenager to watch the 3 younger Amigos, but I think that while his intentions would be noble at first, the lure of Guitar Hero 3 would just be too hard for him to ignore.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Blame Game Did the Leafs Kill jPod, Can Kam Fong save it?

Maybe the Leafs we're behind the death of The CBC Orchestra too....

It's Ovah!

Well, last night brought the Leafs 07/08 Season to an end. I caught enough of the game while I kept up my lookout for the cat. I'm disappointed they'll be on the Golf Course next week, but I'm a Die-Hard and already have my hopes up for next year. If I need a little off-season boost, I'll just watch this:

Yes, a little bit o' Wendel ALWAYS makes me feel better.

McCabe's ass-kicking of Stewart at the tail end made me wonder why on earth Stewie would try to rile Big Bryan in the dying seconds of the game, had me giddier than a little kid on a Tilt-a-Whirl.

Ah well, see ya next year, Buds!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Anything else?

I'm wondering what is going to come next. My cat got out and he's missing. Searches throughout the neighbourhood have come up empty and I'm slowly starting to lose hope. I was feeling pretty crabby in the first place because of jPod, which I just couldn't bring myself to watch last night. It's sitting there, waiting on my DVR. The Dude is refusing to watch it with me - everyone over on the facebook group is crying foul because it was left off in a Cliffhanger. The last time that happened to him it was a show called John Doe and he says he can't go through it again. I can see his point, but I'm a glutton for punishment and will probably hunker down later after the 4 Amigos are in bed and watch it. That way, no one can see me cry.

Other sad news that got back to me late last night was that my Grade 6 teacher dropped dead of a massive heart attack on Thursday. He taught at the same school for over 40 years and when the Punk attended said school for Grade 1 a couple of years back I was lucky enough to catch up with him. RIP Mr. R.

Not even the shining sun has been able to cheer me up today, and my back feels about 80 from falling asleep on the couch as I sat up listening for Chunkers. Chaos keeps telling me he misses his "Mow Mow". I can only pray that he makes his way back home.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh! The Injustice of it All!

I'm pretty picky about what I watch on television. Face it, we can get emotionally involved with the shows we decide to invest our time in, for that half-hour or hour it's on, we become a part of their world, their stories, their lives. The last couple of years I have been very careful about getting "Hooked" on any new shows. I only have so much time because of the 4 Amigos, so there is only a Chosen Few that are good enough to make it onto my PVR. The biggest reason for this though is I have been stung by cancellations so much now to the point that I often wait out the first season of anything. I figure, if it survives its Freshman Year and I'm still interested, I can always rent the DVD and catch up before Season 2 starts. I've yet to do this though, Sistah still can't get over the fact that I've never watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy or House.

So it was with much trepidation that I decided to give jPod a shot. I had caught a couple of promos for it (Not sure where, during a rerun of Arrested Developement perhaps?), and it peaked my interest enough to make sure I was front row centre for the Premier Episode. I was not disappointed, in fact, I LOVED it! I wanted to shout it from the top of a mountain - "jPod is amazing! Watch it! It's the best new show to come out in forever!", and go figure, it was on the CBC. The Dude, who's television viewing habits primarily consist of HNIC, The Blue Jays and re-runs of Stargate, thought it was great too. We couldn't wait for the next Episode, and roped The Teenager into watching it with us the next Tuesday. That was a feat unto itself considering he barely watches any television and is usually glued to his X-Box. I had a Premonition though. "It's too good" I declared, "and I bet you any money, it gets cancelled." The Dude agreed. This was by the same station that canned "The Tournament", the Suits at The Ceeb had already proved to me they didn't know a good thing when they had it.

Sure enough, after only about 5 Episodes and a time change to the "Friday Night Death Slot", the CBC lowered The Axe on our Canadian Podsters. "How can they!!!" I whined to The Dude after the headline greeted me on the Interweb. "They can't! It's my New Favourite Show!" It ruined my whole day.

Kirstine Layfield herself talked about how the CBC was taking notice of things. From an article in the Globe and Mail on 30/05/07 and also posted on the CBC Website:

After years of so-called high-impact miniseries that largely left viewers cold, CBC Television has unveiled a slate of fall shows that it says reflects a new belief that audiences like to be given time to really get to know TV characters.Kirstine Layfield, executive director of network programming, promised a “new direction at the CBC” and acknowledged that “the audience had changed.“People like to meet characters. They like to fall in love with them, and stay with them for a while. Our goal is to increase the number of people coming to the CBC,” "Damn it Kirstine Layfield! You betrayed us!" I cursed. We fell in love with the characters from jPod, why wasn't she letting us stay with them for a while?

After somewhat calming down, I immediately jumped onto the CBC Website and shot off a very angry letter letting them know how disappointed I was with them. I called too, taking an "Attract More Flies with Honey" tone, I figured, it wasn't the girls fault at Audience Relations it was dropped from next years schedule. It turns out I wasn't the only one. Within days of the announcement, facebook groups and a website with the soul purpose of saving the show were up and running. Even actors from the show were participating in the fight to save famed Canadian author Douglas Couplands' first foray onto Television. Yes, the Podsters are proving themselves to be a dedicated bunch.

Chris Haddock, producer of Intelligence, another cancelled CBC show, also talks about flaws in the Ratings System in an article at The Canadian Press:
Haddock also pointed out the lunacy of the CBC gauging a show's popularity, especially among young viewers, on the weekly BBM ratings since so many young television fans don't own their own homes and so cannot be counted, and many of them watch TV on the Internet. "The ratings themselves have been questioned very profoundly all over the world about their accuracy and their relevance because you have to be a homeowner," Haddock points out. "So university students don't get counted, a person who is a renter doesn't get counted, a lot of people under 30 don't get counted, so it's absurd on many, many levels. I mean do you have to buy a home to get counted in the ratings?"

I'm probably one of the "older" viewers of jPod, it's main demographic is roughly 17-28 year olds. Where is this Target Audience on a Friday Night? I can pretty much bet ya it's not at home watching the tube. I know if I wasn't married to The Dude and didn't have The 4 Amigos, I certainly would be out and about the town on Friday Nights. Episodes of jPod are also offered on CBC's own website and that's where so many fans are catching it, or through torrents. Obviously these Internet viewers mean nothing to the CBC, but the times they are a changing, and they should be considered. If you combine jPod's numbers from television, and how many are watching it online, it's right up there with the likes of Sophie. (Which, by the way, I'd rather gouge my own eyes out than watch, and I'm right in the demographic for that show. Ditto for MVP, or what I like to call "Desperate Hockey Housewives of Orange County". I'm still trying to figure out how the CBC decided to air that one, I mean, who does the CBC think they are? FOX?)

When the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations' aging demographic has gone on to greener pastures and no longer around to watch re-runs of Air Farce, the 'Google Generation' may very well hurt from the sting of cancellations so deeply that the CBC will not draw ratings, but contempt. The Power of the Internet has made it possible for Fans to rally around their cause in the likes modern society has never seen before, instanly bringing people together to fight for what they believe in, and well, cancelling jPod will not soon be forgotten and may go down as one of the worst decisions in Canadian Television.

Tonight at 10 p.m. I will be shedding a tear as the final credits in jPod's Finale roll... and I can guarantee this: I will never, EVER! watch any new show the CBC debuts. Having jPod hi-jacked away before it even had a chance to establish an audience has lost me as a viewer. The sadness I feel about it is just not worth going through again..... "sigh"..... I haven't felt this bad since FOX cancelled Firefly....

jPod Podsters (counter clock-wise) Steph Song as Bree, David Kopp as Ethan Jarleswski, Emilie Ullerup as Kaitlin, Ben Ayres as Cowboy, Torrance Coombs as John Doe.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Taking the Plunge

So I've decided to finally restart the Blog. I'm pretty good at complaining, so this should suit me just fine. Seems I'm getting crankier with each year that passes and a Blog makes perfect sense - I've got alot to say, some of it important in the Grand Scheme of Things, and some of it trivial. My currant Philosophy is that as long as I wake up breathing everyday, it's all good.