Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Beautiful Guy" Trumps Irish Lass

I wasn't particularly into The Tube tonight. I had the DVR set to record Criminal Minds, but only if it was a new episode. (The DVR has a handy little feature that lets you choose a show, and only record the new ones so it doesn't have a bunch of reruns using up space. Brilliant! The Fast Forward Button is a gift from the Techno Gods. Remember when you used to have to watch the commercials? *shudder*)

The Dude heads off to bed, relinquishing the Remote, (or "The Mote", as Chaos calls it.) and I start flipping. Not looking for anything specific ...Big Brother ...Big Brother ...Big Brother, great, now I was sad because I feel the show is everything that is wrong with the world, when I come across American Idol. It's right at the moment they are announcing who's getting the boot. I hadn't watched the previous nights' competition, but listened to it while I kept busy today. (Thanks, DVR) I'm not a crazy fan of the show, only really keeping tabs on it over the years when a Top 10 contestant really impressed me. This season David Cook blew me away with his cover of Eleanor Rigby. And believe it or not, Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.

David Cook puts a new spin on Billie Jean.

Simon Cowell states if the show remains a talent competion rather than a popularity competition Cook could actually win the entire show. We shall see.

Cripes! Thank You Auto Save, I was the one who just got booted. I did what most people do when that happens, and flashed my best "Deer in the Headlights" look with the realization that everything I had just written has been lost. It's all here though, so back to it.

Contestant Jason Castro is okay, but not Top 10 okay. I'm not even going to post the video here because he skewered an Andrew Lloyd Webber song, and basically every song he sings sounds the same. Carly Smithson, on the other hand, can belt it out pretty good.

Idol Star sings Jesus Christ Superstar

Now this is where it's a good thing that I'm not really invested in the show, I like hearing a great song, but the competition is laughable really. Simon is right pointing out popularity vs. talent. Carly Smithson was voted off tonight, and Jason Castro wasn't even in the bottom two. Why? I'll tell you why. Jason Castro is getting the Teenage Girl vote. Yep, they think he's a cutie and when they catch a glimpse of that baby face surrounded by dreadlocks, they swoon, whip out their cells and punch his numbers in. The same girls that love High School Musical (which I have never watched by the way - I just couldn't bring myself to do it) are disregarding talent in favour of a "Beautiful Guy", what Randy Jackson called Castro after he couldn't find anything nice to say about his performance. I would have enjoyed it more if Jackson had just come right out and said "Yo Dawg, no worries Dawg, you suck lemons compared to everyone else here, but the girls love you, so I'll see ya next week!"

It was painful to watch, and right after I had to listen to some Jennifer Hudson to remind myself that Carly's gonna be just fine. And I'm sure Justin Guarini will be available to console Jason Castro when he is finally sent sent packing.

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