Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lego My jPod... & OMG! The WB!

Fans of jPod are organizing the Event "Post for the 'Pod", sending Lego People in honour of Author Douglas Coupland and the book cover, to The CBC hoping to revive the show. It's even caught the attention of the folks here and here.

It was also announced that Warner Bros. has acquired jPod Season 1 for their new site A premium, ad-supported, video-on-demand, interactive and personalized network that will Beta launch in early May, "aims to be the premiere destination for original dramatic programming on the Internet. The site is aimed at the Adults 16–34 demographic highly coveted by advertisers." You know, the demographic The CBC seems intent on ignoring.

Anyone know where I can download some Tommy Hunter? Don't get me wrong, I loved Tommy - when I was 10 and had nowhere to go back on a Friday Night in the 80's. Hey CBC, it's 2008, wake up and smell the New Millennium.

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