Monday, May 12, 2008

A Welcome Addition, & Tre Smith is a Hero (Again)

I've been pretty bummed out about our missing cat Chunkers. We have done everything we can to find him, exhausted every avenue. While I still pray everyday that he gets home to us, that probability dwindles with every passing day.

Sensing my sadness, The Dude sent me here for my Mother's Day Gift. His intent is not to replace our missing cat, as he could never be replaced, but he knows how I think - that it just doesn't feel right not having a kitty in the house. Not only that, it plain feels good to help a wonderful Cause. It's also where we got Chunkers from almost 3 years ago.

So off I went, sans kids (another gift - a break!) and after awhile this little cutie caught my eye.

The rogue orange paw sticking out from the cage beckoned me over. I saw her and immediately knew she was the one. Approximately 10 - 12 months old and quite the "talker", the volunteer said of her, "She's a spicy girl!"

"Perfect." I replied. "She's going to fit right in then!"

And she is. The dog isn't even freaking her out. In fact, by the end of last night she was licking our English Bulldogs' ears and face.

The kids and I have been bantering about some names, but so far we haven't been able to decide. In the meantime, she is settling in quite wonderfully - I got the impression by the way she sprawled across the sofa.

I felt even happier today after reading this from the THS:

"So far, and we are keeping our fingers crossed, the Adopt-A-Thon is a huge success with 8 dogs, 2 mice, 3 Guinea pigs, 2 hamsters, and 34 cats finding good new homes at the shelter. An additional 4 cats, 1 kitten, and 1 puppy found homes at the new Victoria Park Adoption Centre."

The Breaking News prompts me to pass their message on to you:

"Hundreds remain.... Please come down yourself or ask a relative, friend, or neighbour if they are able to take a homeless animal into their family. The Adopt-A-Thon will continue until May 19, 2008."

Support the Toronto Humane Society, not only will you provide a home for an animal, you'll help support all the good they do. Like Cruelty Investigator Tre Smith risking his own safety as he rescues a dog from a third floor window. Tre recounts the events:

"I received a call about a dog hanging out a third floor window. I arrived and no one was home, the dog was looking to jump… I canvassed the area for a ladder and a neighbour gave me one. I climbed up, stretched out, pulled the dog to safety, then carried it to my vehicle. An hour later a very thankful owner came to claim her dog. She informed me that he got out of his crate climbed over his gate from the kitchen went upstairs and opened the window where I found him."

Tre Smith in action.

So go on down to the THS. I'm so happy I went, took a closer look at that little orange paw calling me over to her cage, and brought home the newest member of our family.

Hopefully, Chunkers will be home soon to meet her.

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his new pal a happy reunion!