Sunday, May 18, 2008

He's Back!

But the cat came back, the very next day,
The cat came back, they thought he was a goner,
But the cat came back, just wouldn't stay away.

~Chorus, The Cat Came Back

Quite the excitement over the last couple of days here! Thursday night approximately a minute into CSI Las Vegas, we heard a knock at the door. A boy about 12 years old saw our "Missing Cat" poster and was positive he had just spotted him! The Dude rushed out as I literally threw the Pet Taxi Carrier at him. He returned about 2 minutes later and was certain it was him, but the cat was in a space between the garage and the townhouses and I should grab the bag of food for him to use in an attempt to coax him out.

The Punk hurried out after The Dude and he and the boy who caught sight of him (and who was deservedly rewarded with $$$ afterwards - I would have given that kid a million bucks if I could have!) ended up having to crawl through the long, dark, spider-filled space to reach him and our son was able to scoop him up!

I waited and paced for what seemed like an eternity with Shark Boy and Chaos literally bouncing off the walls and pressing their little faces up against the window in anticipation that it could truly be him.

Then I caught site of The Dude, coming up the walkway holding our beloved cat in his arms. We rushed him to his food bowl away from the kids so we could check him out. I was shaking and crying, suspended in disbelief that after almost two months we finally had him back home with us!

He attacked the food bowl fiercely while I looked him over through my tears. Other than being able to tell he had obviously lost some weight while he was off on his adventure, and his usual shiny coat being fairly dirty, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with him. It was, for us, a miracle.

He finally came up for some air after inhaling most of the bowl and immediately plastered me with "kisses". Then I really lost it. He was all over me in what people would call PDA. Yes, his Public Display of Affection was obvious - he was happy to see me!

The boys jostled for "petting" position and he was all over them, their faces beaming with joy that their kitty was home. The dog got so excited she peed on the carpet. Her best bud was back.

I asked the boys to give him some space and within minutes he had taken a quick trip around the place, got goobered on by the dog, and then settled into his favourite spot - the bathtub. He didn't even seem to be bothered that there was another cat in the house. A little bit later he was sprawled out on The Teenager's bed, like he hadn't been gone at all.

The next day he checked out, healthy and happy and with no apparent injuries or ailments. Quite remarkable really, especially considering the weather had been almost entirely nasty while he was on the lam.

So he's been chilling out, eating up a storm, and is even playing with his new mate. Shark Boy said it best moments after he was brought home, we are a very, very lucky family!

I've had that chorus to "The Cat Came Back" floating around my head for the past couple of days now, so here is the famous 1980 Muppets version:

I gotta say though, for the first time I read all the lyrics and to tell the truth, they're a little disturbing. Ah well, I'm just over the moon that our cat is back, safe at home with all of us who missed him more than ever.

I asked him where he had been, but so far he's not givin' it up. ;)

Within a couple of hours of being home, and settled right back in...

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